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Amazing Grace

Beyond the Sea

Canaan’s Land

Carol of the Bells – words
Carol of the Bells – parts

Deep River


Gomo Guru Re Zimbabwe

Hamba Lulu

Heaven Trilogy

I Bid You Goodnight

I’m Gonna Wait on the Lord

I Still Haven’t Found

I wish I Knew

Jesu Ukukhanya

Lean On Me (soprano)
Lean On Me (alto)
Lean on me (tenor)
Lean On Me (bass)


Likhon (soprano)
Likhon (alto)
Likhon (tenor)
Likohn (bass)

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

People Get Ready

Rise up and serve

Rivers of Babylon

Singabahambayo Thina

Sithi Amen

Something inside


Turn and Answer Me

Welcome, Welcome Every Guest

What a Wonderful World




You can listen to recordings by clicking on the play button in the links below. The title for each track is below the audio player.

Beyond the Sea – all parts
Beyond the Sea – soprano
Beyond the Sea – alto
Beyond the Sea – tenor
Beyond the Sea – bass
Christmas is Coming
Gomo Guru Re Zimbabwe – all
Gomo Guru Re Zimbabwe – soprano
Gomo Guru Re Zimbabwe – alto
Gomo Guru Re Zimbabwe – tenor
Gomo Guru Re Zimbabwe – bass
Hamba Lulu – Soprano
Hamba Lulu – alto
Hamba Lulu – tenor
Hamba Lulu – bass
I am a River – all
I am a River – soprano
I am a River – alto
I am a River – tenor
I am a River – bass
I still haven’t found – soprano
I still haven’t found – alto
I still haven’t found – sop and alto – v2
I still haven’t found – sop and alto – v3
I still haven’t found – tenor
I still haven’t found – bass
I wish I knew how it would feel – melody
I wish I knew – last verse – soprano and tenor
I wish I knew – last verse – alto
I wish I knew – last verse – bass
Light – all parts
Likhon’ Ithemba Lam – all
Likhon’ Ithemba Lam – soprano
Likhon’ Ithemba Lam – alto
Likhon’ Ithemba Lam – tenor
Likhon’ Ithemba Lam – bass
Make me a Channel – soprano
Make me a Channel – alto
Make me a Channel – tenor
Make me a Channel – bass
People get ready – all parts
Silent Night – tenor and bass
Singabahamayo Thina – all
Singabahamayo Thina – soprano
Singabahamayo Thina – alto
Singabahamayo Thina – tenor
Singabahamayo Thina – bass
Something inside so strong – soprano
Something inside so strong – alto
Something inside – alto
Something inside so strong – tenor
Something inside so strong – bass
Somlandela – all
Somlandela – soprano
Somlandela – alto
Somlandela – tenor
Somandela – bass
Turn and Answer Me – soprano
Turn and Answer me – alto
Turn and Answer Me – tenor and bass
What a Wonderful World – whole choir
What a Wonderful World – soprano
What a Wonderful World – alto
What a Wonderful World – tenor
What a Wonderful World – bass